Ice cream! Ice cream!

I'm all out of ice cream! It's true you know.

I’m all out of ice cream! It’s true you know.

Chili! Red hot Texas-style chili!

Chili! Red hot Texas-style chili!

And we got ginger ale – boiling hot Texas-style ginger ale!


Signs and words around Springfield

Allied Biscuit

The number one cracker factory in town went into a tie for sixth with TableTime and Allied Biscuit.

Southern Cracker

The dryyyyyy cracker

Maison Derriere

Pool Sharks

Where the buyer is our chum!

Special Report

Only you can prevent “ax-idents”

It's time to put you away.... put you away for good!

School of Hard Knockers


I hope nothing unsavoury happens during my visit. As you know, I am the President of the United States.

Baron von Costume’s Deluxe Disguise Kit

You leave that to the Baron and me.

Farmer Homer’s Sweet Sweet Sugar

I found five hundred pounds of sugar, in the forest, that I'm going to sell directly to the consumer. All for a low, low price of one dollar per pound!

Santos L. Halper

Who, or what is Santos L. Halper?