This isn’t going to be about Jesus, is it?

All things are about Jesus, Homer... except this.

All things are about Jesus, Homer… except this.


Signs and words around Springfield

Allied Biscuit

The number one cracker factory in town went into a tie for sixth with TableTime and Allied Biscuit.

Southern Cracker

The dryyyyyy cracker

Maison Derriere

Pool Sharks

Where the buyer is our chum!

Special Report

Only you can prevent “ax-idents”

It's time to put you away.... put you away for good!

School of Hard Knockers


I hope nothing unsavoury happens during my visit. As you know, I am the President of the United States.

Baron von Costume’s Deluxe Disguise Kit

You leave that to the Baron and me.

Farmer Homer’s Sweet Sweet Sugar

I found five hundred pounds of sugar, in the forest, that I'm going to sell directly to the consumer. All for a low, low price of one dollar per pound!

Santos L. Halper

Who, or what is Santos L. Halper?